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Our goals

We are a team of professionals and volunteers, who are ready to integrate a modern  approach towards the social and counseling work by going directly to the people in need, by trying to see ourselves in their shoes and walk in them on the road to change.

We have set ambitious but well-selected and important goals:

1. Developing innovative social services resulting in social support and rehabilitation of vulnerable groups (children and families who are at risk, youngsters who are leaving the social institutions, gipsy children, children with special needs, etc)

2. Creating specialists in the social service field in Bulgaria through professional support, supervision and trainings.

3. Encouraging and cooperation with non-government organizations and developing a modern practices for cooperation between the public sector, the business and the non-profit organizations

4. Developing a network and coalitions to increase the quality of the services we offer and realizing joint projects.

5. Endorsing the principles of non-discrimination and tolerance in society and promoting the family and moral values.


If these goals sound like something you support, then we will be happy to work together!